b u t   f i r s t ,   c a k e !

L O V E   S T O R Y
S P E C I A L T Y   C A K E S
B I R T H D A Y   C A K E S

my story

Everyday I am inspired to create different forms of art. My creative passion is in product design, woodworking, and cake decorating. As a child not once did I think of going into culinary arts, but I have found in the past eight years that creating and designing specialty cakes is another way for me to project my love for creating. All of my work is 100% self-taught. Everything I have done and continue to do with art and design has led me to countless opportunities that has expanded my knowledge and devotion to what I love. That love, is baking.. and animals! 



A balanced diet is to have two

cupcakes in each hand!

thank you for visiting!

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